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Our experience in photography covers a broad range of subjects from corporate to nature. Video and photography overlap as disciplines, but each require a different approach. We also offer a range of photo editing, compositing, retouching and grading services to bring your photos to life.
Promoting your products with photography is essential. We can take all photos against a 100% white backdrop and edit them according to eBay, Amazon or online shopping requirements. We love being creative when it comes to the editing process and go beyond a simple polish. We composite new backgrounds, lighting effects, textures, text and logos. This takes your products photos from ordinary to extraordinary.

Product Photography

Corporate Photography

We offer portrait photography of individual staff and of groups and teams. We can come to you and set up everything required in your office, or we can arrange the shoot in one of our professional studios. We have a range of backdrops to use to make you stand out against the crowd.
Being centimetres away from delicious food and tempting aromas is unfair, but it’s something we can endure for the work. Seriously though, we offer mouth-watering food and drink photography to promote your restaurant, bar or event. We’ve take photos for fine dining restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, pubs and cafes across a wide range of cuisines.

Food Photography

Nature & Travel Photography

Capturing plant and animal life with our cameras is always a thrill. We’ve accompanied corporate clients on international trips as both photographers and videographers. Most recently we were on safari in Kenya and it did not disappoint.