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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To connect, teach and change the world through sharing stories.

Stories have always connected people. From early whisperings around a campfire to the rich red ochre hand prints on cave walls, stories have captured human triumphs, they have sung the songs of survival and have forged tribal belonging. Our stories are our history, our joy and sadness, they inspire and teach, they resonate our humanity and most of all they bring people together. We believe we all tell the same story, that we share a common experience of being human, and that stories can unite us all. By championing the essential need for story, by sharing the tales of our humanity, we believe we can change the world.

Our Values

• We recognise stories as an essential human need.
• We champion story to inspire, reveal truths, teach and connect.
• We believe the power of stories can change the world.
• Our stories resonate with us and reflect who we are.
Dare Greatly
• We have courage.
• We speak the truth, even if our voice shakes.
• We embrace the power of vulnerability.
• We embrace change.
Dare Greatly
• Imagination is boundless.
• We innovate and invent.
• No idea is a bad idea.
• We love creating and find joy in our art.
• We are our word.
• We are authentic and true to our core values.
• We are assertive yet kind.
• We have gratitude.
• Our art is a collaboration.
• Every member of our crew is important.
• We embrace different perspectives.
• If we don't love it, we find someone who does.